ProtoxOdourFree is an effective product for removing bad odours. ProtoxOdourFree can be used on soft materials and surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, textiles, (shoes, sportswear, etc.).

ProtoxOdourFree is a professional deodoriser which is based on a combination of chemical and biological odour remediation. The product catches and holds on to the odours and the microorganisms breaking down the bad smells



ProtoxOdourFree can be applied to all surfaces but is particularly applicable to delicate surfaces such as upholstered furniture, shoes, sportswear, textiles and blankets. ProtoxOdourFree can also be used on hard surfaces such as rubbish bins, laundry baskets, etc


ProtoxOdourFree contains no perfume or fragrances and therefore does not ”conceal” the bad odour, but the composition of the product causes the odours to be encapsulated and degraded by the microorganisms. The microorganisms ensure a long-lasting effect.


ProtoxOdourFree is effective against a wide range of odours like urine (dog / cat / human), tobacco smoke, sweat and ”waste”, even butyric acid is degraded by ProtoxOdourFree.