ProtoxHysan is a professional product for the cleaning and disinfection of mould. In addition, it can be used for a variety of other purposes such as odour removal and disinfection after bacterial growth and viruses.

ProtoxHysan can be applied as a traditional detergent.


If discolouration and growth of mould has occurred, wash the affected surface with ProtoxHysan combined with mechanical cleaning.

See more about  application of ProtoxHysan.

If there is a risk of reclamation of the cleaned area, it is advisable to prevent new mould growth with ProtoxProtect.


Odour Removal

Bad odour can be removed by soaking/washing the affected surfaces. It can be combined with the ProtoxAbScent bag, which is used to remove residual air.Bacterial and viral disinfection

ProtoxHysan is an effective disinfectant against all forms of bacteria and viruses. Examples of using ProtoxHysan are therefore many. Examples of use for ProtoxHysan are after cloud breaks with ascending E. Coli infected sewage, disinfection after dead animals / people, post-ectopic disinfection, Legionella, Listeria, avian influenza virus, Newcastle virus, etc.


Indoor Climate

ProtoxHysan leaves no harmful chemical residues on the treated surface, cf. indoor climate report. Therefore there are no limitation on the size of the treated area.

Fog Spraying

In the event of fogging/spraying, ProtoxHysan will have a large disinfectant effect on airborne particles such as bacteria and viruses.