Who are we?

In Protox we are specialists in moulds, fungi, insects and odour products. For many years, this knowledge has been used to develop and produce products for professional users and advisors who work to prevent and combat these living organisms that threaten our buildings and our indoor environments.

In order to share our knowledge, we are dedicated to maintaining ongoing courses, where we pass on our experience and knowledge of problems and challenges in buildings and indoor environments. We do this to be able to give you the best tools to solve the problems professionally with as little impact on the environment, working environment and indoor environment as possible.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, craftsman or private individual, executing or advising, you are always welcome to contact us with your challenge. We guarantee that you will receive an objective, usable and understandable answer - even if it is something we cannot help you with.


We do not just sell products - we offer solutions

We are a Danish company that is based in Kolding, where both our administration, production and sales are combined. From here we have for many years developed, tested and produced our products so that they are so gentle on the environment and working environment as possible and meet all Danish and international requirements.

However, what we often hear from our customers who distinguish us from others is that they not only get a product, but that they get guidance and sparring for a solution together with the product. For us, this is the deciding factor, and that is something we use a lot of resources to ensure that you as a user experience each time.


Our history and background

Protox was established in 2003, but the story goes much further backwards. In 1982, a young newly graduated biologist named Ole Munck was employed as a business researcher in one of the most important players of the time in the wood preservation market, namely GORI. Ole researched indoor climate and fungal attacks in timber and masonry. This knowledge led to the formation of a few of the still existing building consulting firms in Denmark, and to Ole founded Protox in 2003.

The characteristic of Protox was from the start knowledge and seriousness, and with these clues the company also continues after Ole has retired.