ProtoxProtect - Product data

Dilution:ProtoxProtect is ready for use and must not be diluted further.
Consumption3-5 m²/litre, but up to 6 m² on slightly absorbing material.
Application:With a brush, by spraying or dipping.
> 5°C.
Drying time:8 hours at 20°C. On less absorbing surface and with lower temperatures, longer drying time must be required. Ensure good ventilation during drying.
pH:ca. 9.
Odour:Slightly acetone-like. After drying time, no odour.
Cleaning:Clean tools with water and soap. 
Storage:Keep in a cool dark area in the original packaging with the lid tightly closed. Do not store with food.
Shelf life:2 years from manufacturers date.
Empty packaging:Empty packaging and residues must be handled according to local law.
Safety:Always read the safety data sheet before commissioning.
Template-kode:00-1 (1993).