ProtoxProtect - Application

ProtoxProtect is easy to use - can be applied with either brush, spray or dipping..


If discolouration and growth of moulds have already occurred, the affected surface should be disinfected or washed down with ProtoxHysan prior to application of the ProtoxProtect. Possibly combined with mechanical cleaning such as ice cleaning, sandblasting or similar.


Before being treated with ProtoxProtect indoors, surfaces should be cleaned so that they are at least as clean as non-moulded surfaces (ProClean - green colour, on imprint on contact plates max. 10 colonies, ATP <100 µl. Mycometer <25).

Indoors treatment should be limited to smaller surfaces.

However, a  degassing report from Eurofins Miljø shows that no harmful substances are released to the indoor climate.


After using the ProtoxProtect outdoor, after treatment should be done when the surface is dry. It should be done within a month. A pigmented and water-repellent coating is used.

After treatment

After the use of ProtoxProtect, most surface products can be applied. However, it is the user's own responsibility to test the product for the specific task.


Application to non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, plastic, glazed tiles, etc., may cause some hindrance after drying which is difficult to remove.