ProtoxInsekt is a professional product of preventing and combating the attack of wood-destroying insects in the woodword of buildings such as rafters, roofs, tapes storey beams etc.

Only approved for sale in Denmark and Norway


Fight against insect attacks

ProtoxInsekt is udes to combating and prevent attacks by wood-destroying insects in new and old woodwork such as:

  • Woodboring beetle (Anobium punctatum)
  • Longhorn beetle (Hylutrupes bajulus)
  • Various other wood-destroying insects

Tested and approved

ProtoxInsekt is a colourless and water-based fungicid approven by the Danish Environment Protection Agency and has a template code of 00-3.

ProtoxInsekt is approved to prevent and treat attacks by wood-destroying insects and is used for this purpose in buildings, also in conservation-worthy and protected buildings such as. churches, manor houses, castles, etc.

ProtoxInsekt has been tested according to approved EN-standards (EN 46-47, EN 49-1/2, EN 73) cf. DS (danish standard/EN 599-1). The tests include testing the ability of the product to annihilate live insect larvae in the wood, penetrate the wood surface, resist aging and so on. 

ProtoxInsekt is approved by the Ministry of the Environment according to the biocide regulation (Regulation (EU) no. 528/2012). reg. no. 795-2-2-1.