Data sheets and product data

Data sheets

Product data

Dilution:ProtoxSvamp is ready for use and must not be diluted further.
Consumption/Masonry:Combating treatment: 0,75 liter pr. m². Preventive treatment: 0,50 liter pr. m².
Consumption/Woodwork:Combating treatment: 0,50 liter pr. m². Preventive treatment: 0,25 liter pr. m².
Application:With brush, by spraying or dipping. Due to the low viscosity, ordinary spraying equipment can be used.
Application-temperature:> 5°C.
Drying time:Approx.. 8 hours by 20°C on porous surface.
Control: Treated surfaces will illuminate bluish when illuminated with UV lamp. The effect is most pronounced in darkness or twilight and decreases with light effect.
pH:ca. 7.
Odour:Slightly oily.
Cleaning:Clean tools with water and soap.
Storage:ProtoxSvamp is durable for at least 2 years in unopened packaging. Store frost-free.
Disposal:Empty packaging and residues must be handed over to the municipal waste system for hazardous waste.
Safety:Always read the Safety Data Sheet before application