ProtoxSvamp is a professional and effective water based fungicide for fighting and preventing fungal attacks in wood, masonry and concrete. 

ProtoxSvamp Fights active attacks af wood-destroying fungi and prevents new fungal attacks.

Only approved for sale in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Fighting of fungal attacks

ProtoxSvamp is devoloped as a professional product for use in buildings against:

  • Serpula lacrymans
  • Coniophora puteana
  • Antrodia vaillantii
  • Gloreophyllum abietinus
  • Antrodia seralis

and other wood-destroying fungi, but can also be used as a universal fungicide.

Prevents mould

ProtoxSvamp has a preventive effect against mould.

Note that the product has only a very limited leaching to the environment as opposed to typical products.

Tested and approved

ProtoxSvamp is approved by Miljøstyrelsen(Danish) and has template code 00-1.

The product is not classified as harmful to health.

By using ProtoxSvamp you live up to the requirements of  The Danish Working Environment Authority requirement to always use the least dangerous product for solving the problem. 

ProtoxSvamp is also tested on internationally recognized test institutes  (State Forest Technology Research Station, Gembloux og EMPA, St. Gallen, Schweitz) according to approved EN standards (EN 113, EN 73+EN113, EN84+EN113).

The product has been specially tested and approved as a fungicide against Serpula lacrymans in masonry approval no: 542-7.