ProtoxHysan - Productdata

Dilution:Dilute up to 1:3 (1 part ProtoxHysan to 3 parts water)
Consumtion:Approx. 1/2 litre. Mixed mixture per. 1 m2 surface.
Application:Apply with a spray bottle , brush/sponge or similar.
> 5 °C.
Ventilation:Ensure there is good ventilation while applying and afterwards during the drying periode.
Corrosion/bleaching:May cause corrosion on certain metals and bleaching.
Drying time:4-8 hours by 20°C.
Odour:Slight chlorine
Cleaning of tools:Water and soap.
Storage:Keep in a cool dark area in the original packaging with the lid tightly closed. Do not store with food.
Shelf life:1 year.
Waste:Empty packaging is to be disposed via the local waste-removal scheme.
Safety:Always read label on the product before application. 
Environment:No classification.