Data sheets and product data

Data sheets

Product data

Dilution:Ready-to-use solution - Do not dilute further
Consumtion:0,5 - 1 liter per. sqm.
Storage:ProtoxBiox is durable for 1 year in unopened packaging. The product can withstand frost and must be kept dark and cool.
> 5° C.
Application:Always use activated.
Apply with watering can.
Only to be used by trained personnel - see also treatment instructions.
Corrosion can occur on metals and bleaching on organic materials.
Drying time:4-8 hours by 20 °C.
Cleaning:Clean tools with water immediately after use.
Composition:Water-based product containing chlorine dioxide. The product has a chlorine-like smell (smell of swimming pool).
Safety:Always read the safety data sheet before using the product.
The product must NOT be mixed with acids or heated to above 50 ° C, as it releases larger amounts of chlorine dioxide.
The product must be used activated - this requires training, please contact directly to Protox.
Mechanical extraction, suits, boots and air-fed respirators or filtering respirators with minimum B2 / P3 filters must always be used.
Environment:Not activated ProtoxBiox is not hazardous.
Disposal:Left over and empty packaging can be handed over to the municipal collection scheme or directly to the waste company.