ProtoxBiox - Application

ProtoxBiox can be used, for example, if mould growth has occurred due to moisture, or if bacterial attack on concrete decks has occurred in cellar floors and similar sites (for example, after flooding, rising sewage water, etc.). . after an initial mechanical cleaning.

ProtoxBiox is an effective disinfectant for all types of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and similar.

Less chemical

ProtoxBiox contains stabilized chlorine dioxide. This chlorine dioxide is released when an activator is added - it is visual that the liquid becomes yellow and begins to smell of chlorine dioxide.

Chloride oxide is a very effective oxidizing agent that degrades the proteins that make up the cell membrane itself in the microorganisms. Since this is a direct degradation, the organisms cannot form resistance against chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide attacks and destroys the microorganisms whether they are stuck (in a biofilm) or they are free-flowing in the water phase.

Chlorine dioxide is used for many different types of disinfection, and the product is approved as a disinfectant for drinking water by both European and US authorities.

Chlorine dioxide, unlike chlorine and hypochlorite, forms no unpleasant (toxic and carcinogenic) by-products.

Chlorine dioxide works at very low concentrations. Although drinking water supplies add down to 0.5 ppm, it works very quickly - the necessary contact time is measured in seconds.

The environment is the real winner

Compared to almost all other disinfectants, ProtoxBiox has the significant advantage of not leaving harmful chemical residues in the indoor or outdoor environment.

Chlorine dioxide is a very unstable chemical. Therefore, the part which is not used for the degradation of the microorganisms associated with the treatment will evaporate to the air where it will decompose into oxygen and chloride ions by the UV rays of the light.

In connection with the treatment, there will be a smell of chlorine (as in a swimming pool). A few hours after the treatment is completed, the smell will have disappeared. Back on the treated surface will only be a very weak solution of ordinary cooking salt.


Pay close attention to the safety of using ProtoxBiox.

Chlorine dioxide is very effective against all kinds of microorganisms, which also means that ProtoxBiox should be handled with care. ProtoxBiox is therefore sold ONLY to persons who have received the necessary training in the use of the product.

Pay close attention to the safety instructions when using and always read these and the safety data sheet carefully before use.

Respirators of the type B2 / P3, coating suit, boots, gloves and eye protection must always be worn as a minimum. Furthermore, local extraction must be established. In the case of use in cellars and similar enclosed spaces where the supply of fresh air cannot be ensured, fresh air-supplied respiratory protection MUST be used.

Quick processing = Low cost

When applied to a concrete floor, ProtoxBiox achieves the full effect after only one minute of contact time.

With a reasonable division of labor, two men can therefore reach many square meters on a working day.

Due to the very high reactivity of chlorine dioxide, the excess chlorine dioxide degrades very rapidly. After just a few hours of venting, nothing remains, after which the treated area can be released.

A proper done treatment with ProtoxBiox is always quality approved, so there is no risk of the work being reworked.