Data sheets and product data

Data sheets

Product data

Delivery form:30 gram sachets in an air- and light-tight outer bag with a vacuum-packed inner bag that protects against air and moisture.
Consumption:Depending on the amount of odour. Normally 1 30 g sachets will give a concentration of approx. 0.15 ppm in a room of 8-10 sqm. with ordinary ceiling height. The bag develops chlorine dioxide for up to 1 month.

ProtoxAbscent has a shelf life of 2 year from the date of production if it is kept cool and in original unopened packaging. ProtoxAbscent can withstand frost.

If it is necessary to interrupt the treatment before the bag is "burned out" then the activated bag may be stored for a shorter time (up to 14 days) in an airtight plastic container.

Common room temperature. The efficiency is very dependent on the air humidity. With less than 50% relative humidity the chlorine dioxide develeops very slowly.
Application:See "Application".
Composition:Solid sodium chlorite hydrogen sulfate and solid sodium chlorite– react with the water content of the air.


The contents of the inner bag are corrosive and fire-resistant. The inner bag must NOT be opened

Environment:Releases chlorine dioxide in contact with water.
Disposal:Used sachets and packaging can be disposed with household-waste..