ProtoxAbScent - How to use

ProtoxAbScent Odour Neutraliser works by releasing chlorine dioxide when it comes into contact with water vapor in the air- Chlorine dioxide degrades the odour particles by oxidation. 

During particularly dry periods (typically in dry winter periods) it may be necessary to assist the activation. This can be done by placing the ProtoxAbScent sachet close to a cloth / towel wrung with water (eg. in a bowl or bucket). The evaporation from the cloth will activate the bag.

ProtoxAbScent does not contain perfumes and leaves no chemicals in the room after use.

Residual odour

ProtoxAbScent is intended to remove residual odour. Always try to remove the source of odour if possible (dead animals, sooty wood, animal excrement, etc.) before treatment with ProtoxAbScent. If there are massive odour problems, it will be an advantage to first clean and / or spray mist with ProtoxHysan.

How to use

The ProtoxAbScent sachet are supplied sealed in an aluminum foil bag. When put into service, cut the top of the outer aluminum foil bag and remove the inner vacuum-packed plastic sachet. This sachet is also opened so that the inner white ProtoxAbScent sachet can be removed. The bag is placed on a bowl or similar in the highest possible place in the room or hung up under the ceiling. This achieves the best effect, since the active substance is best mixed with the room air from a high location.

The ProtoxAbScent sachet should never be placed directly on a table, shelf, fabric or near metal, as they will cause bleaching or corrosion!

Number of sachets:

How many ProtoxAbScent sachets to use depends on the volume of the room (air volume). The following square meter indications are thus only indicative:

 Size of room:Number of sachets:
 Boats, caravans, cars, cabinets as well as creepers, attics, ventilation ducts and similar . under  20 m³1 pcs.
 Room under 20 m²1 pcs.
 Room 20 - 40 m²2 pcs.
 Room above 40m²"More"


Examples of the use of ProtoxAbScent Odor Neutraliser:

  • Car, boat, caravan etc.
    Place a ProtoxAbscent sacheton a bowl or similar on a suitable place in the car, boat or caravan.  Check after 1-2 weeks. 
  • Odour from mould, tobacco in furniture, textiles, footwear etc.
    Furniture, textiles, footwear etc. is placed in a smaller room, closet or similar. A ProtoxAbscent sachet is placed at a suitable distance over the objects. Check after 1-2 weeks
  • Dead rats, mice etc.
    Place one or more ProtoxAbscent sachets in the air stream as close to the dead animal as possible. In particularly bad cases, see the next section.
  • Odour problems after excrements, dead animals/humans etc.

    In connection with odour problems after dead animals, humans or excrements, it may be necessary to remove floorboards, inserts, formwork boards, etc., if liquids have been seeped into the structure for a long time. Clean / watering of e.g. joists, boards etc. and subsequent mist spraying of the room with ProtoxHysan. Finish with suspension of a suitable number of ProtoxAbScent bags, then seal the compartments for unauthorized persons. The room is checked after approx. 14 days - 1 month and continue if necessary until the smell has disappeared.

  • Odour problems in inaccessible rooms, cellar, ventilation ducts etc.
    It may first be done a fog spray with ProtoxHysan.
    Subsequently 1 or more ProtoxAbscnet sachets are placed.
    Note - If the cellar ( or other room) is moist, it must be dryed to an acceptable normal level before using the ProtoxAbscent sachets.
  • Winter storage

    ProtoxAbScent sachets can advantageously be used in connection with winter storage of a boat / caravan or when closing a holiday home during the winter. Here, the bags will work over 1 month and keep the bad odour away

  • Soot smell after fire damage.

    Before odour removal begins, fire-damaged building parts are removed. Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with ProtoxHysan, then performed followed by a mist spray. It ends with hanging a suitable number of ProtoxAbScent sachets, after which the rooms are sealed for unauthorized persons. The smell remediation is checked after approx. 1 month and continue as necessary until the smell has disappeared

Chlorine odour

The ProtoxAbScent sachets will, during use, emit a slight chlorine-like odour. This odour disappears quickly when the bag is exhausted or when the room is ventilated. Although the ProtoxAbScent release chlorine dioxide, the concentration under proper use will be below the occupational exposure limit (<0.1 ppm).


Prolonged stay in rooms with ProtoxAbScent sachets should be avoided.

Persons with respiratory problems, asthmatics and children should not stay in living rooms during the deodorization.


Precautions for use of ProtoxAbScent:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not damage the ProtoxAbScent-sachet when removing the outer sachet.
    If the ProtoxAbScent sachet is damaged, discard it immediately and throw it in an outdoor bin.
  • Must not come into direct contact with water, moisture or sunlight.
  • Must not be placed on top of or near a heat source.
  • Må ikke anbringes ovenpå eller i nærheden af en varmekilde.
  • Provide adequate space around ProtoxAbScent bag to avoid bleaching effects.
  • Do not mix ProtoxAbScent sachet with other substances, including acids, detergents, etc...
    Contact with acids liberates toxic gas.
  • Do not store together with foodstuffs.