ProtoxAbScent Odour Neutraliser


Used to remove residual odour. In difficult cases, it can be combined with a cleaning with the product ProtoxHysan.

Easy to use

ProtoxAbScent  comes in a sealed aluminum foil bag. The aluminum bag is opened and the vacuum-packed inner bag is also opened before the white inner package is placed in a bowl or hung up in the room. 

ProtoxAbScent can be used indoor as well as in cars, boats and caravans  to remove odours after eg. mould, tobacco, dead animals etc.


ProtoxAbScent releases chlorine dioxide in very small amounts (<0.1 ppm) when exposed to the moisture content in the air. Chlorine dioxide is both an effective disinfectant while also degrading (oxidizing) unpleasant odours.

The ProtoxAbScent sachets are designed to release chlorine dioxide slowly, thereby depleting the released odouriferous substances with the release. Thus, it is not a question of having a perfume (masking) applied with ProtoxAbScent, but actually of removing the odorants.

Excess chlorine dioxide is rapidly decomposed in sunlight and by fluorescent light.