Product range



ProtoxSvamp is a professional and effective water based fungicide for fighting and preventing fungal attacks in wood, masonry and concrete. 

ProtoxSvamp Fights active attacks af wood-destroying fungi and prevents new fungal attacks.


ProtoxProtect is a professional and effective primer that keeps the surface free from mould attacks. The product is easy to use.



ProtoxInsekt is a professional product of preventing and combating the attack of wood-destroying insects in the woodwork of buildings such as rafters, roofs, tapes storey beams etc.


ProtoxHysan is a professional product for the cleaning and disinfection of mold. In addition, it can be used for a variety of other purposes such as odor removal and disinfection after bacterial growth and viruses.



ProtoxBiox is very effective for disinfecting large horizontal concrete surfaces.

Chlordioxid is extremely effective for disinfection. Even very low dilutions have a strong disinfectant effect on microorganisms - both on viruses, bacteria, moulds and algae.


ProtoxAbScent Odour Neutraliser

ProtoxSvamp is a professional and effective product used to remove residual odour
The ProtoxAbScent sachets are designed to release chlorine dioxide slowly, thereby depleting the released odouriferous substances with the release


ProtoxOdourFree is an effective product of removing bad odours also on "soft" surfaces such as upholstered furniture, textiles (shoes, sportswear, etc.), carpets etc.