ProtoxBiox is a product for the disinfection of large, horizontal concrete surfaces against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds.

  • Disinfects large, horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Has a fast reaction time that provides disinfection within seconds or minutes
  • May ONLY be used by professionals with the proper training

The benefits of ProtoxBiox

ProtoxBiox is easy, fast and cheap to use for cleaning mold compared to the usual mechanical methods. Large concrete surfaces such as all-terrain tires particularly benefit from a ProtoxBiox treatment. A cleaning with ProtoxBiox ensures thorough disinfection with very limited physical effort and a contact time of only approx. 60 seconds. With a sensible distribution of work, two men can therefore cover a great many square meters in a working day.

The active substance in ProtoxBiox is chlorine dioxide, which breaks down bacteria, viruses and the like. Due to the very high reactivity of chlorine dioxide, the excess chlorine dioxide is broken down very quickly. After just a few hours of airing, there is nothing left and the treated area can be released. A well-executed treatment with ProtoxBiox is always quality approved, so there is no danger of the work having to be redone.

The real winner is the environment. When you use ProtoxBiox, you leave neither chemical residues in the indoor or outdoor environment. This is a significant advantage of ProtoxBiox compared to almost all other disinfection products. Instead, the chlorine dioxide that is not used for disinfection will evaporate into the air and be broken down into oxygen and chloride ions by the light's UV rays.

ProtoxBiox has been tested and approved

ProtoxBiox is approved by the Danish Food Agency for disinfection of premises, fixtures and equipment that come into contact with food, in milk-producing herds and on fishing vessels.

The Danish approval number is: 2012-29-5409-00321.

The product is also tested according to the EN standards EN 14476 (also against Corona) and EN 13697.

ProtoxBiox is not labeled as hazardous.

Use of ProtoxBiox

What is ProtoxBiox?

ProtoxBiox is an effective disinfectant against all types of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds. The agent releases chlorine dioxide into the liquid when you add the activator. Chlorine dioxide is very effective for disinfection. Even very low dilutions have a strong disinfecting effect on microorganisms – both on viruses, bacteria and moulds. This is what makes ProtoxBiox so effective.

When you treat with ProtoxBiox, there will be a smell of chlorine dioxide (like in a swimming pool). A few hours after the treatment, the smell will have disappeared and only a very weak solution of common kitchen salt will be left.

ProtoxBiox is only sold to professional practitioners who have received the necessary training. If you do not have this education, then contact us to hear more.

ProtoxBiox is supplied as a 400-500 ppm solution of stabilized chlorine dioxide together with an activator.

You can buy ProtoxBiox directly from us. Contact us to hear more.

A little chemistry: Chlorine dioxide

ProtoxBiox contains stabilized chlorine dioxide, which is released when you add the activator. The reaction turns the liquid yellow and it starts to smell of chlorine dioxide (like in a swimming pool).

Chloride oxide is a very effective oxidizing agent that breaks down the proteins that make up the cell membrane of the microorganisms. Since it is a direct breakdown, the organisms cannot develop resistance to the substance. Chlorine dioxide attacks and destroys the microorganisms, regardless of whether they are stuck (in a biofilm) or they are free floating in the water phase.

Chlorine dioxide is used for many different types of disinfection.

Chlorine dioxide – in contrast to chlorine and hypochlorite – does not form any unpleasant (toxic and carcinogenic) by-products when used.

Chlorine dioxide works at very low concentrations. Even if you add down to 0.5 ppm in process water, the chlorine dioxide works very quickly – so quickly that the necessary contact time is measured in seconds.

Chlorine dioxide is a very unstable chemical substance. Therefore, the part that is not used for breaking down microorganisms in connection with the treatment will evaporate into the air, where it will break down into oxygen and chloride ions (ordinary table salt) with the help of the UV rays of the light.


Where do you use ProtoxBiox?

  • Used on large, horizontal concrete surfaces such as concrete decks and basement floors
  • Used for mold growth or bacterial attack
  • Can be used after flooding, rising sewage and the like
    Use at a temperature above 5°C

The product can destroy some metals and bleach organic materials.

Where do you use ProtoxBiox?

ProtoxBiox and ProtoxHysan both are used to clean mold and bacteria, but the products are used in different ways and on different surfaces. That is why we have created a user guide that shows you when and how to use the two products.

The purpose of the user manual is to achieve better quality control of the solution of the tasks. Therefore, we have also included different methods for how both internal and external control can be carried out in the user manual.

The user manual is in PDF format. You can therefore print it out, laminate it and take it with you on assignments, so you always know how to go about the individual task.

Download the user manual here.


ProtoxBiox is ready to use and must not be diluted further.

Consumption is approx. 0.5-1 liter per m2.

The product must not be stirred before use.

If there is a mold attack, flooding or rising sewage, the area must be cleaned before treatment with ProtoxBiox.



ProtoxBiox contains chlorine dioxide, which must be activated to work. The activation means that ProtoxBiox is not safe to use. ProtoxBiox is therefore ONLY sold to people who have received the necessary training in how to use the product. If you do not have this education, then contact us to hear more.

When using ProtoxBiox, you must always pay close attention to your safety and that of others. Always read the safety instructions and safety data sheet thoroughly before using the product.

You must always wear at least a B2/P3 respirator, coveralls, boots, gloves and eye protection. You must also ensure local extraction. If you must use ProtoxBiox in basements and similar closed spaces where you cannot ensure the supply of fresh air, then you MUST use a respirator supplied with fresh air.

ProtoxBiox must also NOT be mixed with acids or heated to over 50°C. If this happens, larger amounts of chlorine dioxide can be released.


ProtoxBiox must be activated before use and can be applied with a watering can.

The product may ONLY be used by trained personnel.


The drying time is 4-8 hours at 20°C.

Utensils and tools are cleaned with water immediately after use.

ProtoxBiox can withstand frost and must be stored in a dark and cool place.

The product has a shelf life of 1 year in unopened packaging.

Empty packaging and residues must be handed over to the municipal waste disposal system.


Packaging sizes

5.0 liter plastic can

CLP Classification

‘Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.’

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