ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover

ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover used to remove residual odors in the air.

  • Can be used against residual odors from e.g. mould, fire, tobacco smoke, dead animals, dead people, excrement and "old cellar"
  • Can be used indoors as well as in cars and caravans
  • May be used by EVERYONE – both professionals and private individuals

The benefits of ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover

Using ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover couldn't be much easier. You simply open the bag, take out the contents and place or hang it high in the room. Then the ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover does the rest over the next days and weeks.

The deodorizer works by releasing small amounts of chlorine dioxide, which breaks down the odors in the air. ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover therefore does not use perfume or other fragrances to "mask" the smell, but breaks it down completely instead. Among other things, this means for you that you do not have to worry about residual chemicals. Excess chlorine dioxide breaks down in contact with daylight and light from fluorescent tubes.

Use of ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover

What is ProtoxAbscent Odor Remover ?

ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover consists of solid sodium hydrogen sulfate and solid sodium chlorite, which react with the water content of the air. It releases chlorine dioxide, which breaks down (oxidises) unpleasant odors and is at the same time an effective disinfectant. The chlorine dioxide is released slowly and gradually breaks down the odorants. The ProtoxAbScent bag therefore uses no perfume to "mask" the smell.

The product comes in an outer, sealed aluminum foil bag and an inner, vacuum-packed bag, in which the product itself is in white packaging. The many layers ensure that the product is not activated prematurely, which happens when it comes into contact with water and moisture, e.g. in the air. At the same time, the outer bag protects against light, as both daylight and light from fluorescent tubes break down the chlorine dioxide. This also means that excess chlorine dioxide is easily broken down in light after treatment and that no chemicals are left in the air/room.

In particularly dry periods (typically in dry winter periods) it may be necessary to help the activation on its way. This can be done by placing the ProtoxAbScent bag close to a cloth or towel wrung out with water (eg in a bowl or bucket). The evaporation from the cloth will activate the bag.

ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover emits a faint chlorine-like odor when active. The smell disappears quickly when the bag is used up or when the room is ventilated. Although the ProtoxAbScent bags emit chlorine dioxide, the concentration during proper use will be below the occupational hygiene limit value (< 0.1 ppm).

NOTE: Prolonged stays in rooms with ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover bags should be avoided. People with breathing problems, asthmatics and children must not stay in living rooms during the deodorization.

Safety precautions when using ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid damaging the ProtoxAbScent bag when removing the outer bag. If the ProtoxAbScent bag is damaged, discard it immediately and throw it in an outdoor waste bin
  • Do not come into direct contact with water or moisture
  • Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Do not place on top of or near a heat source
  • Do not store together with food
  • Do not expose the bag to other substances, including acids, cleaning agents, etc. In unfortunate circumstances, toxic gas may develop
  • Make sure there is enough space around the bag to avoid bleaching effects

Where do you use ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover?

  • Used indoors as well as in cars, boats and caravans
  • Used against odors from e.g. mould, tobacco, dead animals/people, urine and excrement
  • Use at normal room temperature, with a minimum of light and > 50 % humidity for maximum effect
  • Placed high in the room in a bowl or suspended for maximum effect
  • DO NOT place directly on a table, shelf, textiles or near metals as this will cause bleaching or corrosion


ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover is intended to remove residual odors. Therefore, always try to remove the source of the odor itself (dead animals, soot-blackened wood, excrement from animals, etc.), if possible, before treating with ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover. If there are massive odor problems, it would be advantageous to first wash and/or mist spray with ProtoxHysan.

Consumption depends on the amount of odorant in the air. As a rule of thumb, a single bag will give a concentration of approx. 0.1 ppm in a room of 8-10 m2 with normal ceiling height. The bag develops chlorine dioxide for up to 1 month.

How many ProtoxAbScent bags you need depends on the volume (air volume) of the room. The table below is indicative only. If you need help assessing the scope, you are welcome to contact us.

  • 1 bag: Rooms of 40-60 m3, boats, caravans, cars, cupboards, crawl spaces, attics, ventilation ducts, etc.
  • 2-3 bags: Room of 60-80 m3
  • 3-5 bags: Room of 80-200 m3

The contents of the inner bag are corrosive and incendiary. The inner bag may and must NOT be opened.

Always read the safety data sheet before using the product.


Open the aluminum foil bag and the vacuum-packed inner bag and place the white inner packaging in a bowl or hang it in the room as high as possible.

See also our instructional video.

Examples of use

  • Car, boat and caravan
    Place a ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover bag on a bowl or somewhere else in the car, boat or caravan, where it can lie stably and not directly on textiles.
    Odor remediation is checked after 1-2 weeks.
  • Bad smell in furniture, textiles, footwear and the like
    Furniture, textiles, footwear etc. placed in a smaller room, cupboard or similar. A ProtoxAbScent bag is suspended above the objects, but not directly on them.
    Odor remediation is checked after 1-2 weeks.
  • Dead rats and mice
    Place one or more ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover bags in the room's natural air flow as close to the dead animal as possible. See the table above for the number of bags. In particularly bad cases, see the next section.
  • Faeces, dead animals/people and the like
    It may be necessary to remove floorboards, inserts, formwork boards, etc., if liquids have seeped into the construction over a long period of time.
    Dishes/water now e.g. beams and boards with ProtoxHysan. Then mist the room with ProtoxHysan to disinfect and deodorize.
    Then place an appropriate number of ProtoxAbScent sachets high in the room (see chart under 'Preparation') and seal the rooms from unauthorized access.
    Odor remediation is checked after 14 days to 1 month and continued if necessary until the odor has disappeared.
  • Inaccessible rooms, crawl spaces, ventilation ducts and the like
    Mist spray first with ProtoxHysan, when it is possible.
    Place an appropriate number of ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover bags in the room (see the chart under 'Preparation').
    Note: If the room is humid, it must first be dried and reduced to a normal humidity level before using ProtoxAbScent sachets.
  • Winter storage of boat/campervan and winter closing of summer house
    The ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover bags can be advantageously used in connection with winter storage of a boat/campervan or when shutting down a summer house in the winter. Here, the bags will work for more than 1 month and keep the musty smell away.
  • Sooty smell after fire damage
    First remove fire-damaged building parts.
    Wash accessible surfaces with ProtoxHysan followed by a mist spray.
    Now place an appropriate number of ProtoxAbScent bags high in the room (see the chart under 'Preparation') and seal the rooms from unauthorized persons.
    Odor remediation is checked after 1 month and continued if necessary until the odor has disappeared.


ProtoxAbScent Odor Remover has a shelf life of 2 years from the production date if stored cool and in the original, unopened packaging. The ProtoxAbScent bags are frost resistant.

If it is necessary to interrupt the treatment before the bag is "burned out", the activated bag can be stored for a shorter time (up to 14 days) in an airtight plastic container.

Used bags and packaging can be thrown away with the household waste.

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