Protox Odor Free+

ProtoxLuktfri+ is a microbacterial agent for professional deodorization and remediation of oil spills and related odors.

Protox Luktfri+ is a combination of chemical and biological decomposition that encapsulates bad odors while microorganisms break down the odor source. Protox Luktfri+ does not contain perfume or environmentally hazardous scents that can hide odor sources or create disturbing residual products.

The advantages of Protox Odorless+

Protox Odorless+ contains no perfume or fragrances and will therefore not "overpower" the bad smell. Instead, the microorganisms in the product encapsulate and break down the odorants that cause the bad smell. The same microorganisms also ensure that the effect lasts long after you have used ProtoxLuktfri+

Use of Protox Odorless +

What is Protox Odor Free+?

ProtoxLuktfri+ is a professional means of removing odors and is based on a combination of chemical and biological processes. The product contains bacteria that make enzymes that break down the odorous substances instead of "drowning" the smell with perfume. That's why Protox contains Odorless+ no perfume or fragrances.

Where do you use ProtoxLuktfri+?

  • Can be used on all surfaces that can withstand water.
  • Use at a temperature above 5°C
  • Should not be used on surfaces that come into contact with food.


ProtoxLuktfri+ is ready to use and must not be diluted further.

Consumption is approx. 0.5 liters per m2, but it depends on the absorbency of the material.

The product must be stirred/shaken before use.

Avoid inhaling the spray mist.

Always read the safety data sheet before using the product.


Apply directly to the affected area. For a prolonged effect, the application surface must be kept moist with e.g. plastic foil.

Wait 48 hours while the product works on the smell. Repeat the treatment if the smell is not completely gone.


The drying time is approx. 48 hours.

Utensils and tools are rinsed with water after use.

ProtoxLuktfri+ must be stored cool and frost-free in the original packaging.

The product has a shelf life of 2 years from the production date if stored correctly.

Empty packaging can be thrown away with the household waste.

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