ProtoxSvamp is a product that effectively prevents and fights wood-destroying fungi


  • Prevents and combats fungal attacks in wood, masonry and concrete
  • Can be used against fungi such as real house fungus, yellow wood fungus, white wood fungus, cork and pore fungus
  • Works preventively against mould
  • Can only be used by professionals

The benefits of ProtoxSvamp

With ProtoxSwamp you can fight ongoing attacks while preventing future attacks. This means that the customer gets his problem solved and is protected against further attacks from the same and other mushrooms.
ProtoxSvamp also works preventively on new woodwork when you build new or replace something old. It provides the right pre-treatment so that you avoid the wood being attacked and broken down by wood-destroying fungus and mold in the future.

ProtoxSvamp has been tested and approved

ProtoxSvamp is approved as a fungicide.

The product has also been tested and approved by international and recognized test institutes such as the State Forest Technology Research Station in Gembloux, Belgium and EMPA in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Here the product is tested according to the EN standards EN 113, EN 73 + EN 113 and EN 84 + EN 113.

ProtoxSvamp has MAL 00-1 and is specially tested and approved as a control agent against Real house mushrooms in masonry.

The approval number is NO-2016-0114

The use of ProtoxSwamp

What is ProtoxSvamp?

ProtoxSvamp is a wood protection agent against attacks by wood-destroying fungi, such as Real house mushroomsYellow wood fungus, White wood fungus, cork cap and pore fungus. The agent can be used on wood, masonry and concrete both indoors and outdoors. ProtoxSvamp prevents and fights wood-destroying fungi and prevents mold. The product has a slight oily smell. The agent can be used in undiluted form as a primer for most surface products and applied with a roller, brush, sprayer or by dipping.

Where do you use ProtoxSwamp?

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors in use class 2 and 3. cf. DS/EN335-1.
  • Used on wood, brick and concrete
  • Used on wood with temperature above 5°C and wood moisture content below 18 %


ProtoxSvamp is ready to use and must not be diluted further.

Consumption on wood is 0.50 liters per m² for combative treatment and 0.25 liters per m² for preventive treatment.

The consumption of masonry is 0.75 liters per m² for combative treatment and 0.50 liters per m² for preventive treatment.

The product must be stirred before use.

Always read the safety data sheet before using the product.


ProtoxSvamp can be applied with a brush, by spraying or by dipping. Due to the watery consistency, the product is suitable for spraying with ordinary spraying equipment. The agent does not require heating before spraying at low temperatures. Also read more about valve impregnation with ProtoxSvamp.


The drying time is approx. 8 hours at 20°C on porous surfaces.

Utensils and tools are cleaned with soap and water after use.

ProtoxSvamp is stable for at least 2 years in unopened packaging and must be stored frost-free.

Empty packaging and residues must be handed over to municipal waste management for hazardous waste.

After finishing treatment outdoors, the surface should be treated with a pigmented (covering) and water-repellent surface product to protect the wood against degradation caused by the sun's UV rays and washout by rain. The item must be completely dry before finishing. The finishing should be done within a month.

Treated surfaces glow bluish under a UV lamp. This effect can be used to control treatment. The effect is most obvious in the dark and less obvious in daylight.

Packaging sizes

1.0 liter plastic can
2.5 liter plastic can
5.0 liter plastic can

CLP Classification

Can damage fertility or cause birth defects. Harmful with long-term effects on aquatic life. Contains propiconazole (ISO); (2RS,4RS;2RS,4SR)-1-{[2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl]methyl}-1H-1,2,4-triazole. May cause an allergic reaction.

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