Fogger for fog spraying

Mist spraying is most often used when you can't get to sanitizing in the usual way. The mist from the sprayer can reach inaccessible places where neither you nor the brush can reach.

The two most common tasks we see in remediation contexts include odor remediation ProtoxHysan in inaccessible cavities or ventilation ducts and sealing of inaccessible mold attacks in cavities with ProtoxEncapsulator or Protox Aquagrund2.

With a fog spray, the wood protection or cleaning agent is atomized into very small droplets, which remain suspended in the air for a long time and can thereby penetrate into inaccessible corners and nooks. To do this mist spraying, you need the right equipment that can handle the task effectively.

We recommend Motorfogger 2600

At Protox, we have searched the market and we recommend the Motorfogger 2600 as a good universal tool for fog spraying. We do this because Motorfogger 2600:

  • Has a high-speed two-stage motor that ensures efficient atomization without heat effects
  • Has a strong 6 liter plastic tank which is protected against corrosion
  • Has a large lid that makes it easy to fill the tank from a can
  • Available with a 45 or 120 cm hose
  • Has a valve for adjusting the dosage

All in all, it gives you a fogger that can handle a wide range of tasks.

However, you must be aware that the fogger must ALWAYS stand OUTSIDE the treated room. It must have clean air in the intake and must NOT suck in its own fog. Otherwise, you risk destroying the fogger in a very short time.

Contact us, if you work with remediation and need a fogger or just want to hear more. Then we will help you further.

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