Wood-decomposing fungi

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How to recognize wood-decomposing fungi:

Wood-decomposing fungi are most often found in woodwork, but some fungi (e.g. Real house fungus) can also grow in other building materials such as masonry and concrete.

Wood-decomposing fungi often form fruiting bodies with a hat and cane or grow out as consoles, as you often see on trees in the forest. Many fungi also grow on top of building materials. When they are cottony, they are called mycelia. When they are threaded, they are called string mycelia.

The wood-decomposing fungi can break down the wood in two ways. When a fungal attack breaks down the wood over a very short time (a few years or months), the state of decay is called 'fungus'. When the wood breaks down very slowly (over many years), the state of decay is called 'rotting'. The difference is significant in insurance contexts.

Unlike molds, wood-decomposing fungi can break down wood so that it splits across or along the grain.

How to prevent and combat wood-destroying fungi:

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Combating and preventing fungal attacks in buildings:

Prevention against fungal attack in woodwork: