Wood-boring insects

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How to recognize wood-boring insects:

Wood-boring or -decomposing insects are found in woodwork – both new and old.

Attacks by wood-boring insects are often detected by the round or oval bore holes in the surface of the wood that the insects make. The size of the holes can vary from 1-5 mm. The boreholes come when the insect larva has turned into an adult insect and gnaws its way through the surface of the wood. Sometimes there is therefore also a sprinkling of drill flour from the holes.

Decomposition occurs when the caterpillar gnaws its way into the wood and makes caterpillar tracks. Depending on the type and size, the larva can live in the tree for several years and cause everything from minor to major damage.

How to prevent and combat wood-destroying insects:

If you want to get rid of the wood-boring insects, we have several products that remove them with consideration for the environment and your working environment.

Control and prevention of wood-destroying insects:

Prevention of wood-destroying insects: