Odor remediation

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How to recognize odor problems:

There can be many reasons for odor problems, e.g. smoke, mold, dead animals, urine, excrement or the familiar smell of an old basement or attic. Here, the nose is your most important weapon, as the cause can often be hidden, e.g. a dead animal behind a panel or mold in the wall.


How to prevent and combat odor problems:

The first step is always to identify the source and remove it if possible.

If you still experience odor nuisances, good ventilation can sometimes help the problem. If not, we have a range of products that can effectively break down residual odors on all types of materials and in the air

Common to all our products against odor problems is that they are NOT added with perfume or other odorous substances.


To remove odors, disinfect and remove mold:

To remove residual odors in the air:

To remove odors on "soft" surfaces and textiles: