Can I use chlorine for mold?

Chlorine and other chlorine-containing products that contain hypochlorite are no longer allowed to be used for disinfection and thus the removal of scale. Moreover, is hypochlorite listed on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's list of undesirable substances (LOUIS).

The reason why the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has listed hypochlorite on their list of undesirable substances is the lack of updated data for the potential carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of these substances. In addition, hypochlorite is suspected of reacting with naturally occurring substances and forming environmentally hazardous substances that accumulate in the aquatic environment.

You must use ProtoxHysan instead.

Hysan contains chlorine dioxide that does not form these dangerous substances. Hysan is used all over the world as a disinfectant, and also for a safe, disease-free drinking water supply.